CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 (Deconnick/Soy) lands one week from today. So for the next seven days I will be running a contest. It’s the easiest contest ever to enter. All you have to do is click the little heart to “like” this post. The swishy “reblog” button also works. And if you do not have a tumblr account just add a comment below — any comment at all but I suggest a message to Kelly Sue and Dexter about how excited you are, I promise she’ll see it :) (note: if you are mean I will delete it).

So what do you win?

1) A copy of the issue. Physical* or digital** is your choice. I have the book pre-ordered at more than one store because I am determined to be a One Woman Carol Corps Army. Here’s Kelly Sue’s post on pre-ordering if you don’t know the background and here is where I complain that my favorite titles get cancelled because “no one is reading them”. I’m tired of being “no one” so I am trying to be at least four people.

2) A super cute Captain Marvel button* as seen here (pic borrowed from Heroes and Villains post about their own contest).

3) Entry into the main contest which will have additional drawings every seventh issue. My understanding is the series has been approved for six issues so the seventh is the key. Also seven is the most powerfully magical number. The prizes for these drawings are TBA but will include such things as related collectibles (ex: Heroclix) and pilot paraphernalia. The longer the series goes on the more creative I will get and here is where I point out that I own this jacket. I’m not saying you can win one but I am saying that I have resources and I want this series to make it to at least issue #56 (Brian Reed’s MS. MARVEL ended at #50).

*I will ship anywhere FedEx goes.

**If you choose digital I am willing to buy you a different title if you have already purchased CAPTAIN MARVEL.

Go! Tell your friends! <3!

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